You Can Overcome

Find freedom through Gateway to Wholeness, a program developed to help you overcome problems associated with pornography use.

Goals of Gateway to Wholeness

Although you may feel trapped, Gateway will help you draw on your emotional, social, and spiritual resources to get “unstuck” and move to positive changes in your life. There are eight primary goals of Gateway.

Increase awareness of the consequences and costs of pornography

Reduce the amount of time and energy invested in viewing pornography

Educate about the many issues associated with viewing pornography

Reduce negative feelings, such as shame or guilt

Increase motivation to seek further help and treatment if needed

Assist in developing a comprehensive plan for personal growth and wholeness

Reduce feelings of loneliness and disconnectedness from others

Increase sense of spiritual health and vitality

Have you found your pornography use getting in the way of the life you want? If so, this is a message of hope for you.”

– Dr. Michael Brown, Life Coach and Mentor

Video Sessions

Gateway is an online series of eight videos designed to help you deal with problems that result from the use of pornography. Based on a wealth of psychological research and knowledge, Gateway is designed to be your first step.

Session 1

Introduction and Invitation

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Session 2

Costs and Consequences

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Session 3

Power of Personal Reflection

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Session 4

Becoming the Best Version of Yourself

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Session 5

Guilt and Shame

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Session 6

Accessing Support

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Session 7


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Session 8

Final Word of Encouragement

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